Public House Kitchen & Bar - 4 Apr 2014


I decided to visit Public House Kitchen & Bar for lunch to check out their nose to tail dishes on offer for the month of April as part of the Eat Drink Perth 2014 food festival. This week’s dish is the braised pork cheek, crisp fried jowl, mango & chilli salsa with a bottle of custard & co apple and mango cider for $35. I happily ordered that and was pleased that since I didn’t want the cider as I don’t drink, without asking, the waitress checked with the kitchen and offered the same meal at a discounted price of $25. The deep fried golden brown crumbed delight encasing the smooth jowl was delicious, smooth, and rich. It paired perfectly with the tropical and well balanced salsa, providing a refreshing taste, acidity, sweetness, and bite through the chilli, to cut through the richness of the jowl. The braised pork cheeks were tender and delicious. The lovely juices and flavour of the cheeks were served with a puree and an earthy salad. A fantastic meal that I enjoyed thoroughly. I like the food served here where there is creativity, flair, and an intelligence demonstrated on the plate in the careful selection and pairing of elements that work beautifully together. . . . → Read More: Public House Kitchen & Bar – 4 Apr 2014

Grill & Chill - 22 Mar 2014

Grill and Chill - Lamb Masala and Chicken Kali Mirch

Another visit to an Indian restaurant and the flavours presented in the food we ordered was superb, and on reflection, the best I’ve eaten thus far. I’d say if you can’t tolerate the heat, stick with mild as the medium was quite pungent and interfered with my enjoyment of the deliciously crafted curries presented. The non-vegetarian platter delivered delicious tandoor imparted flavours to the moist tandoori chicken, lamb Seekh kebab, and milder herby resmi chicken. The lamb masala was a touch too salty but the flavours were delicious, as were the chef’s special chicken kali mirch in a thick but moist creamy curry. The highlight for me was the prawn Madras curry which was superb. I also loved the garlic and butter naans which were soft on top and crunchy on the bottom. The kulfi desserts were good but could be improved. Overall, I was impressed with the flavours presented and thoroughly enjoyed my dinner. I’d strongly suggest you make a booking as you’d be lucky to get a free table as a walk in, although, you could go with the take away option too. . . . → Read More: Grill & Chill – 22 Mar 2014

Public House Kitchen & Bar - 7 Mar 2014

Public House Kitchen Bar - Coffee & Honey Lamb Ribs

For $36 I was able to have a toned down 3 course meal. It wasn’t expansive nor too filling but a lunch that wasn’t heavy nor too light. Reflecting on all the dishes, the meals served up are generally quite inventive. They’re not the stock standard dishes you see on a lot of menus (mind you this is Latin American) but it’s something new, different, and the chefs aren’t afraid to push the envelope. The empanada is quite simple but the beef and olive filling is quite something. There are more expansive entrees on the menu, but a single empanada was perfect for me. The coffee and honey lamb ribs are unusual, yet the chef’s complete and careful control of both elements enable the dish to work in harmony, the coffee providing a strong distinctive flavour yet it’s intensity is dulled. Any bitterness is counteracted with the flavour of honey and yet it isn’t too sweet, quite on the mild side. The ability to brush your ribs with more of this interesting marinade is unique and the tender juicy lamb with the odd bits of salty explosion turn this into a wow dish without trying to be pretentious. A rather humble dish that tastes nothing like what it seems. The dessert also continued in a similar vein with the banana and coconut sorbet tasting just like a banana, while the soft rice pudding was nothing much to write home about. However, the dash of cinnamon, a little sorbet, and a pour of the bottle which oozes delicious flavours in the creamy vanilla and coconut potion, and you are taken to a new level of yum! The tropical themed elements combine to give a fantastic finish to the meal. I was pretty stuffed after the filling dessert, those yummy ribs and the empanada. A really delicious meal in comfortable surrounds and excellent service. . . . → Read More: Public House Kitchen & Bar – 7 Mar 2014

Chefz Table - 25 Jan 2014

Chefz Table - Pork Fillet, Tiger Prawn

I was more than happy to visit Chefz Table given the wonderful dining experience enjoyed last time round. Tonight’s dinner was no different. With the likes and dislikes specified ahead of time for our Chefz Table dining experience, the chefs whipped up a selection of 4 courses that delighted us. The amuse bouche of oyster with a coconut tapioca and pineapple topping were an excellent combination in describing the dish as “Pina colada oysters”. The daring rocket soup was a masterstroke in pairing with the tempura covered soft shell crab which is so yum. The fleshy Tiger king prawn was delicious with the creamy remoulade and the perfectly cooked pork combined effectively with the paprika paste smear. The earthy root vegetable and very wintery inspired dish was hardly out of place in summer with the delicious gratin partnering effectively with a range of root vegetables to compliment the tender duck breast slices. Dessert served up an absolutely fantastic vanilla panna cotta with a hyped up flavour intense imperial mandarin sorbet. To conclude, the petit fours were a delicious end to the meal, all enjoyed in comfortable surrounds with excellent friendly service. A solid and consistent effort all round, with the dishes meeting our preferences perfectly. The creative flair of the chefs is certainly evident and they delivered. . . . → Read More: Chefz Table – 25 Jan 2014

Blackbird - 10 Oct 2013

Blackbird - Caramelised Pear

I really enjoyed my dining experience at Blackbird. The service was warm and friendly, constantly topping up our glasses of water, and the kitchen was quick and efficient in delivering our meals at the perfect pace. The portion sizes are on the generous side and well worth the money given the quality of the dishes. Despite having a 50% discount off the food bill, I thought the dishes were easily value for money at normal prices. The European dishes were something different to what I’ve eaten and I really enjoyed the flavour combinations starting the the caramelised pear salad with those lovely blue cheese filled beignets and the mains of confit chicken with stuffing was super tender. The Israeli cous cous was something very different and was really enjoyable. I was fortunate to get a taste of the other dishes and the quality and flavours were consistent and well executed. . . . → Read More: Blackbird – 10 Oct 2013

Chefz Table - 27 Mar 2013

Chefz Table - Dessert

While open for breakfast and lunch, I think Chefz Table’s real strength and appeal lies in it’s name, the Chefz Table – degustation. For it’s location in East Perth away from the main CBD, I don’t think it will appeal to executive lunches. The al a carte menu is a bit too pricey for lunch and dinner, but the degustation is where the true potential lies. The variety and freedom afforded to the chefs in allowing them to create what is more than just a 4 course setting (or more courses depending on your preferences and budget) allows the restaurant to deliver a standout experience. I’m not sure if patrons may find the concept of being able to specify your likes and dislikes in designing a menu to your taste daunting or confusing, but they are definitely not limiting themselves to a set menu. I think the freedom and creativity shows in the meals which are well thought out, present numerous flavours and elements without being too confusing but complementary. The beef entree needed a little work but the fish entree, pork mains, and dessert were absolute standouts. A little more refinement and the experience can easily rise a few more notches to a very high standard of dining. Hopefully they can gain more exposure as this is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. . . . → Read More: Chefz Table – 27 Mar 2013

Nagoya Japanese Restaurant - 28 Feb 2012

If you’re in the mood for Japanese and you’re in East Perth, head down to Nagoya for dine in or takeaway. They have a range of dishes to choose from and the place seems popular as there was a steady stream of people coming and going and taking tables to enjoy their lunch. I enjoyed my chicken karaage bento and was filling. A cheap eat that is still tasty. . . . → Read More: Nagoya Japanese Restaurant – 28 Feb 2012

The Royal

While a nice selection on the menu and a great venue with excellent views, the meals are quite disappointing for pub food. Comparable places offer more and are far tastier and delivered much quicker. The positives were the selection of cakes and cheesecakes which were very nice. . . . → Read More: The Royal


Enjoyable night. I haven’t eaten at a fine dining establishment so one must appreciate the processes that go into the end product. One only has to watch a series of MasterChef to appreciate what goes into making one dish. A complex array of flavours melded together in one dish to be slowly savoured and appreciated. For a restaurant with big wraps I wasn’t blown away with what I ate but the the risotto was excellent. . . . → Read More: Lamonts