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Theo & Co - Built From Bones Dessert Pizza

Theo & Co Pizzeria – 1 Dec 2016

Theo Kalogeracos, the master pizza chef, has a new pizza store in East Vic Park, just opposite The Heart of The Park Shopping Center. The space is casual, the service friendly, and the pizzas are anything but ordinary. Dine in or takeaway, BYO, wait to be seated and then be confused as to what pizza to choose from the extensive menu. I was really keen on trying the skillet pizzas and opted for the pepperoni version. This deep dish beautie was amazing! Not at all soggy, soft fluffy base packed with Mozzarella cheese and delicious pepperoni. Yum yum yum! I also opted for one of their best sellers (which there are many) – Pork Belly on a pizza? Crazy, no genius! Marinated with deliciousness, fennel, garlic, and the creamy dijonaise is a masterstroke. Full of flavour and so enjoyable. Some bits have a slight crunch from the crackling. They have boxes where the cutlery and serviettes are to take the leftovers away which means room for dessert. I’ve eaten several dessert pizzas from different restaurants which have generally been poor. Here, there’s several to choose from and the Built From Bones looked appealing. A deconstructed cannoli – ricotta base with chocolatey drops and broken cannoli shells for crunch, it’s unusual, different but an excellent dessert pizza nonetheless. Really full but very satisfied. The pizzas here are a very different style but are inventive, creative, and the flavour combinations are on the money.

NeNe Chicken - Swicy Chicken

NeNe Chicken – 23 Jan 2016

Fried chicken is huge in Korea and now NeNe with over 1000 stores in Korea alone finally has a store in Perth after opening on the east coast. Offering crispy fried chicken with a variety of flavours, sides, wraps, burger and dessert, with a Korean twist, there is something sure to match your preferences. I chose the “swicy” sweet and spicy chicken with chicken salted chips. The chips were perfect, crunchy, perfectly seasoned and everything a chip should be. The chicken was certainly crispy, covered in a light crispy batter, chicken perfectly cooked, covered in a gooey sweet sauce with sesame seeds. The sauce isn’t too sweet and the chilli level is hardly spicy. I really liked the pickled radish which balances out the fried chicken. I also savoured green tea soft serve which I ate plenty of whilst travelling in Japan, so happy to see it here. It’s yum!

Bintang Cafe Indonesian Cuisine – 4 Apr 2015

Bintang Cafe must be pretty popular as they were a fair amount of Indonesians at the restaurant. I had visited once before several years ago but this time I ordered several dishes and was really impressed with the delicious flavours. The beef curry, while very runny, was extremely flavoursome and contained lots of tender beef. The gado gado is unbelievable, a fantastic slightly runny satay sauce transforming boring steamed vegetables into something else. Definitely comfort food. Lastly, the ayam baker pedas, contained a big chunk of grilled chicken covered in sambal which had some kick, but carried plenty of flavour making the chicken something to savour. There’s a range of dishes on the menu, the venue itself is simple but the food is delicious and excellent value. About $25 for all that.

V Burger Bar - Chicken Remoulade & Onion Rings

V Burger Bar – 28 Mar 2015

I stopped in to the East Vic Park store to try an item from the new summer range. I opted for the chicken remoulade and also got a side of onion rings. The onion is well cooked and covered in a golden brown crunchy batter that stays crunchy right to the end. The chicken remoulade burger has a lovely flavoursome chicken patty with the coriander flavour coming through. It just needed a touch of seasoning. The exterior carries a lovely crunch. I really like the slightly sweet Turkish buns, and the tasty remoulade and aioli tie the salad together to produce a tasty burger. I’m stuffed.

V Burger Bar - Lambaabaa Burger

V Burger Bar – East Victoria Park – 22 Nov 2014

I stopped in to the East Vic Park store and ordered the lambaabaa and onion rings. The service out of the kitchen was quick and in no time I was feasting on golden brown, perfectly deep fried, not oily, delicious onion rings with aioli. The burger followed a short time later and it was very tasty with the relish and yoghurt providing flavour and moistness to the burger, along with the tasty Turkish buns. The lamb patty is chunky and well cooked, but lacking seasoning and punch. The other ingredients mask these deficiencies so the overall burger is tasty, but it could be so much more.

V Burger Bar - Piggy Back

V Burger Bar – East Victoria Park – 18 Oct 2014

After my invite earlier in the week to V Burger Bar in Floreat to try their new brioche line (priced at $14.50) comprising the Americana, Space Mushroom, and Piggy Back, I vowed to return. I enjoyed the Americana on the night, but missed out on the Piggy Back. The Piggy Back far surpassed the Americana. The sweet BBQ sauce, the chilli kick from the jalapeños, the moistness of the aioli, the freshness of the coleslaw, the tender flavoursome pork, the crunch from the battered deep fried onions, and the slight sweetness of the brioche bun made for a burger that I thoroughly enjoyed. If they just warm or toast the buns, the burger will be even better! V Burger Bar are having a special offer – half price on this new range for 17 -19 October 2014 only. Check their website for details.

Grill'd - Hot Hombre Burger & Chips

Grill’d @ East Victoria Park – 3 Dec 2013

I was a little apprehensive about accepting an offer to visit the new Grill’d store at East Victoria Park, with complimentary burger and drinks provided, after my first visit to Grill’d produced a rather underwhelming burger. However, this was not the case this time around and the three burgers I sampled were delicious. Grill’d serve decent sized burgers that pack a punch in terms of flavour and that also extends to their herbed chips. The burgers are cooked perfectly, nice and moist, tender, well filled and not at all messy. The summer sunset was delicious but a little sweet due to the presence of the pineapple. The hot hombre certainly lived up to it’s name providing plenty of chill kick. But the burger that did it for me was the Baa Baa Lamb burger. Wow, that was fantastic! I had an excellent experience as did my friends. What was really great is giving Grill’d a second go certainly changed my mind as to what they’re all about and I certainly would come back to try their other burgers, especially that Baa Baa Lamb burger – not just a taste, the whole experience. I can see why Grill’d is popular as many of my work colleagues head down to the Shafto Lane store. I think I’ll be heading their soon too.

Fish Tikka Amritsari and Paneer Pakora

Spicy Affair – 25 May 2013

Following on from our first visit in January this year, the food was just as delicious as last time. We started with 3 entrees of tandoori chicken, fish tikka amritsari, and paneer pakora which were delicious. There was quite a long wait for our mains though. With the small team at Spicy Affair, I think they’ve become a victim of their success and are having a little trouble keeping up with the dine in patrons as well as the takeaway orders. Not a bad problem to have and hopefully larger premises and more staff await. After we did get our mains, rice, and naans, we tucked into the 3 curries of lamb rogan josh, fish malabari, and chicken jhalfrezi which were delicious and contained differing flavours. The takeaway food was also delicious. We had an excellent night out and thoroughly enjoyed the food. If you’re after and Indian restaurant in Perth that serves delicious authentic food at affordable prices, then a visit to Spicy Affair won’t disappoint.

Spicy Affair - Butter Chicken and Fish Goan Curry

Spicy Affair – 26 Jan 2013

One of the few Indian restaurants I’ve been to where the pricing of dishes is very reasonable. For some reason, Indian restaurants price their dishes more towards the upper end of what I’d expect and I don’t believe they can justify their pricing. However, at Spicy Affair, the well priced dishes deliver more than decent servings, containing a good amount of protein in their dishes with plenty of thickish, creamy curries carrying lots of flavours which are very mild. I didn’t notice any dishes containing any chilli hit of note so if you can’t tolerate the heat, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy the food served here. I like mixed platters which are a great way to start a meal off with a variety of offerings. Right from the start, the individual components were tasty and flavoursome, although, the Seekh kebab needs a little bit of work. The curries that followed were excellent. I particularly enjoyed the goat curry which was fantastic and I love butter chicken and was not let down by Spicy Affair’s specialty dish which was superb. The herb influenced Goan fish curry presents a different contrast while the vegetarian Malai kofta was something different. The naans were thick, soft, and filling and required along with rice, to mop up the delicious, thickish, creamy curries. While the curries are very consistent in terms of their consistency and texture, one may criticise the lack of variety in that all of the curries are very creamy despite carrying different flavours. I guess this is their style and if this isn’t what you’re after then you might not like it. But for me, Spicy Affair present excellent flavours at excellent prices, great value dishes that didn’t skimp on protein or their servings. I think this restaurant would shoot to the top of the best Indian restaurants in Perth in my opinion. It might not have the flashy interior, but they deliver on taste which is ultimately what people come to a restaurant for.

V Burger Bar - Chicken Deluxe

V Burger Bar – East Victoria Park – 28 Nov 2012

Oh I enjoyed all the burgers and am still split as to which one was the best. I liked the chips and onions rings but could be packed with more of their main ingredient – potato and onion. They also could be a little less oily. In terms of the burgers, there are a few key points to take away from the delicious burgers at V Burger Bar:

They look quite ordinary but are anything but.
The serving looks decent but the ingredients pack a punch.
Despite having 3 single quarters from 3 burgers (plus chips and onion rings), they make for a very filling meal.
The ingredients don’t look anything out of the ordinary you would find in a burger yet are somehow different to all the burgers I’ve eaten before.
The ingredients just work together and are carefully selected to ensure the flavours complement each other.
The burgers are just delicious.
And how about those delicious buns? Fantastic.

No one area dominates, there’s an even spread in deliciousness. A new contender for number one spot which I think they’ve taken out. Now which one of the 3 burgers would occupy top spot?