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Kazoomies - Dukkah and Harissa Prawns

Kazoomies – 28 Feb 2016

Chef Nimrod Kazoom and his staff provide a friendly atmosphere to enjoy the delicious array of Middle Eastern cuisine packed with flavours. The braised beef tongue is super tender and the richness is contrasted with sweet roast pumpkin. The squid ink chorizo dulled the spicy tones of the chorizo I was expecting. The spice and dukkah flavoured pumpkin pastilla encased by light filo pastry was delicious. The lamb 8 ballers presented a lovely lamb flavour in the moist meatballs but lacked oomph via acid or a sauce. The dukkah and harissa tiger prawns were oozing flavour and were absolutely fantastic. Packed full of flavour, the prawn flesh was tender and the flatbread soaked up the marinade. The sea shakshuka was also fantastic, the herbed garlic butter and spinach was unbelievable, perfect for sopping up with flatbread before moving on to the delicious eggplant and turmeric infused Barramundi. These latter two dishes were absolute knockouts. For dessert, I thoroughly enjoyed a blueberry cheesecake. Hiding away in the E Shed markets, Kazoomies is a hidden gem which should be on Market Street or South Terrace for the masses to discover and enjoy.

Zapfhall - German Pasta with Speck

Zapfhall – 6 Dec 2015

Zapfhall (translation: beer hall) serves beer, wine, and all things German in a spacious hall with seating inside and out where you can overlook the buzz of South Terrace in Freo. There are a range of dishes from share plates, hot dogs, to heartier meals. We decided to order mains and share a bit. I chose spaetzle, the German pasta with speck. The pasta was pea sized, soft and tasty though a little plain till you got some speck. It provided a salty burst of flavour and tied together the mushroom, kale and herbs, plus the melted cheese. It’s quite a tasty meal but does get rich so the apple and fennel salad with a slight acidic kick is much welcome. I also had a taste of the veal and chicken schnitzels which were large in size though needed more oomph to the dish. The veal was a little chewy in spots but the tender parts were delicious. However, I preferred the chicken schnitzel which was crunchy and enjoyed with the malt glaze. I also liked the blaukraut (sauerkraut but with red cabbage) and the potato rosti hidden underneath the schnitzel.