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A Fish Called Inglewood - Crab & Corn Croquettes

A Fish Called Inglewood – 27 Nov 2014

A Fish Called Inglewood offers patrons a casual restaurant serving an array of different seafood dishes at affordable prices. I had a lovely entree of crispy crumbed crab and corn croquettes with oozing cheese. Despite the slight richness from the corn and cheese, the spicy ketchup was a fantastic touch to add a spicy element. For mains, I enjoyed a lovely juicy piece of seared salmon and it was served with a cold oven roasted vegetable array with moist, fresh, creamy avocado. The cold vegies may seem a little jarring but for the warm weather, it goes nicely. For dessert, we skipped the home made ice cream sticks and instead took home a tub of home made mango ice cream. The ice cream had a lovely mango flavour and was smooth and creamy. It’s lovely to see a casual relaxed place serving quality food with friendly service to boot.

Saffron Indian Restaurant - Chef's Platter

Saffron Indian Restaurant – 6 Mar 2014

It’s been about a year since I last visited and the food was really enjoyable. The chef’s platter may be for 2 but it packs a punch with a generous serving of various items which are delicious and filling. The onion bhaja’s were the standout for me. As for the curries, I loved the flavours of the lamb malabari but the dish that stole the show was the chicken masala. This was amazing, containing plenty of moist tandoori flavoured chicken in a rich creamy tomato sauce. Some similarities to a butter chicken but the dish is unique and so enjoyable. The prawn jhal frezi has a completely different flavour profile, containing a thicker creamy sauce with good prawns and the palak paneer contained some lovely soft paneer but was overpowered by the intense English spinach. The rice and delicious garlic naans were lovely accompaniments to enjoy with your mains. I was comfortably full but not stuffed (important to know when to stop eating!) and really satisfied with some delicious Indian cuisine.

Saffron - Tandoori Chicken

Saffron Indian Restaurant – 13 May 2013

Well we must have ordered just about everything off the menu at Saffron! I can certainly say we ate a variety of dishes both at the restaurant and as take away over the coming days. Our dine in bill was $90 after the discount and includes drinks while the takeaway order was $72 for the 5 dishes, so it works out to excellent value, especially with the discount. The dishes are consistent, generous in serving, contain ample proteins which are perfectly cooked, and are all immersed in a flavoursome curry. I really enjoyed the chef’s platter amongst our entrees, and it’s hard to go past the butter chicken. The curries are generally on the mild side but each dish does have a “heat” indication and some dishes have a little bite but nothing that will blow your head off. However, while the dishes were delicious and certainly not lacking in flavour, some of the dishes were not representative of the what flavours the dish should represent, such as the tandoori chicken and biryani. A dinner at Saffron’s will not disappoint. The setting is smart and modern and you will receive excellent service, generous servings with excellent flavours. I certainly enjoyed my meal there and the take away food as well.