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Fuku Interior

Fuku – Omakase and Teppanyaki – 4 Jun 2013

First time to a teppanyaki restaurant and also a Japanese degustation. The lit lantern, intercom, and sliding golden door seems something out of a spy movie. Walking in, you’re immediately greeted by the friendly waitstaff who deliver professional service throughout the night. The maitr’d blends in with interesting comments, directions, and knowledge of sake. The backlit glow of the sake bottle lined wall is quite a treat and adds to the whole ambience of the intimate 16 seat venue. With front row seats, the chefs entertain with some pretty jaw dropping and dazzling displays, but still deliver delicious flavoursome food. High grade ingredients are treated with care and carefully infused with flavour. I really loved the prawn, scallop and crispy prawn head course which was delicious. The crispy prawn head was something new for me and actually very different to what I thought – turned out to be crunchy and tasty. The swordfish, green beans, lotus root, and eggplant was also a highlight. Another dish which made you question what you’re eating, the eggplant isn’t what it looks like and yet doesn’t taste like any eggplant dish I’ve ever had. The delicious sauces were a key point throughout the night and the yuzu sauce was something to savour. I really loved the dessert which was an excellent finish to the night and a clever use of wasabi to provide that tangy element to a dish that required something like citrus to cut through the rich cheesecake flavour. Reflecting on the night, I really enjoyed myself along with the other bloggers, and while I was a guest of the restaurant, I certainly recommend a visit here as the food, ambience, setting, service, the unrivalled sake range, and entertainment provided by the chefs, make it well worth the money.