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No 4 Blake Street - Pork Costals, Cauliflower Puree & Florets, Lardo

No4 Blake Street – 30 Jul 2015

No 4 Blake Street is Tom Randolph’s vehicle to showcase his creativity in the kitchen. This is clearly on display through the 7 course degustation. On Sunday’s, a long table is held instead where new dishes are displayed and tweaked, influenced by feedback, some of which make their way to the main menu. For something less relaxed, a wine bar with tapas is available at Next Door at No 4, which is literally next door to the dining room. For tonight’s 7 course degustation, I particularly enjoyed the potato risotto which substituted rice for small rectangles of under seasoned potato, allowing the salty flavours of the sea and tender crab to shine through. While I normally avoid eggs, the 35° smoked hen’s egg with pearl barley for some meatiness to the dish and tuna Benito for seasoning was a dish that surprised on the upside. The pork costals was another highlight of the night, presenting tender succulent rib meat with a pork intensity off the scale. It needs an acidic element to balance out the meatiness and flavoursome lardo, but I loved it. It’s hard to pick a winner, especially when the night finishes strong with a fantastic dessert! The pistachio ice cream was a standout element amongst the Vahlrona chocolate soil, chocolate mousse, chocolate shards, and pistachio sponge. I also loved the sour dough bread and particularly, the duck fat spread. The creativity did deliver a few misses with some dishes that need a little balancing in my opinion, but I’d rather take creativity over safe and there were enough hits to leave me a thoroughly satisfied diner. Don’t let the rain keep you away when you can enjoy quality, creativity, and deliciousness in a comfortable soft ambient setting.

Next Door At No 4 Blake Street - Beef Intercostal, Burnt Cauliflower, Parsley

Next Door @ No 4 Blake Street – 15 Mar 2015

No 4 Blake Street still presents fine cuisine at it’s restaurant, but has transformed a part of the restaurant into a casual wine bar with share plates of varying sizes called Next Door @ No 4. I went for this and there’s a feed me option (“Trust The Chef” at $50pp) where the chef selects bread, a couple of snacks, 2 of the smaller dishes, 3 of the larger dishes, and a dessert. This is a great option so you don’t have to worry about making the tough decisions. We received a nice variety of dishes which left us satisfied and comfortably full. The highlights for me were the crispy potato skins, duck and taleggio croquettes with hazelnut marmalade, and the beef intercostal. Casual, variety, taste, easy. A great option though a little pricey.

Dolcetto Patisserie & Cafe - Selection

Dolcetto Patisserie & Cafe – 7 June 2014

I’m a real fan of patisseries and this Italian patisserie serves up a variety of pastry items, including wedding cakes and other made to order cakes, plus the cafe which serves breakfast and lunch. I really loved the cannoli, delicious soft firm and at times crisp pastry surrounding the filling. The Italian custard was delicious but I liked the chocolate custard even better. The tiramisu slice carried lovely flavours of a tiramisu but was a little dry but still tasty. The delicious coffee eclair had a hint of coffee flavour in the custard filling but was a little too sweet for my liking. I didn’t really like the almond biscuit varieties which aren’t to my tastes but the baci biscuit was good. Thank goodness for patisseries and the lovely goods they offer.

No 4 Blake Street - Dessert

No 4 Blake Street – 14 Aug 2013

No 4 Blake Street is only 8 months into it’s life, following on from Tom Randolph’s other restaurant, Tom’s Kitchen. No 4 Blake Street serves breakfast/brunch, high tea in the afternoon, and then transforms into a smart modern setting for the dinner service of a multi course degustation with a choice of options. However, they also hold a once a month event, the Rockford Dinner, which I attended today and comprised of a 7 course degustation with matching wines from Rockford Wines. The degustation commenced at 7pm and finished shortly after midnight, a long night of eating and drinking. The first few courses are a little low in intensity of flavour but then the kitchen proceeds to blow you away with some finely crafted creations full of flavour. I really loved the third course of smoked rabbit and pea combination, but then was quickly impressed by the fourth course of pork braise with homemade gnocchi, easily my favourite of the night. This was so delicious and could easily feature as a main on the menu. The fifth course served up delicious smoked duck with a bodied chestnut veloute which was polished off, and then the sixth course presented lamb in three forms: a fabulous tender loin, tasty breast, and sweetbread. I absolutely loved the palette cleanser of the mango sorbet, coconut gel and pickled pineapple which would look fantastic on any dessert menu. But then we were wowed by the seventh and last course of the night, a beautifully presented and crafted array of flavours and textures for our dessert. The Pedro mousse had some alcoholic kick but the soft light pistachio sponge, candied figs, pear, and that delicious refreshing bay leaf and white chocolate sorbet just left you feeling totally satisfied. I really enjoyed my experience at No 4 Blake Street, the setting, ambience, and the professional and attentive service making it memorable. I think the only criticism I would have is the wait time between the courses was a little too long, making the night a 5 hour event, however, given the care, detail, and attention placed into every dish and serving 7 courses to a packed out restaurant, the kitchen certainly has it’s work cut out.

Pi Day - 2013

Pi Day – 14 Mar 2013

As part of some workplace meriment, we decided to celebrate Pi Day, which commemorates the mathematical constant,  π . Pi Day is celebrated on 14/3 or in the American date format 3/14 given  π = 3.141592653…. There’s also Pi Approximation Day on 22 July (22/7 -> 22 divided 7 produces a value that approximates […]

Icey Ice - Choco Waffles

Icey Ice – 2 Mar 2013

Cuisine: Dessert Location: Northbridge (& other locations) I was catching up with friends for dinner and stopped by Tak Chee around 7pm. I thought a booking was made but in the absence of one, we were fortunate to get a table after a short wait. I ordered Combination Kway Teow […]

Stones Pizza - Buttered Fun Guy

Stones Pizza – 6 Dec 2012

It helps when you’re hungry and the food is tasty as you really savour and relish the flavours. The wholemeal pizza bases are light, thin, floppy and tasty, yet you wouldn’t think they’re wholemeal. I enjoyed the unique flavour combinations of the carefully put together pizza’s. The standout for me was the butter infused flavour within those mushrooms with the hint of garlic on the “Buttered Fun Guy”. I also throughly enjoyed the “Devine Lamb” pizza with tender lamb pieces in an excellent oregano and mint marinade. I really enjoyed the pizza’s which were a little different to what I’ve eaten previously.

Indian Garden Restaurant – 4 Mar 2012

I certainly enjoyed my meal. The entrees were a great start. The platter or tasting plate, contained a generous collection of mini eats and was great value. The chicken Tikka Malai had lovely flavours and this carried on in the mains via the butter chicken and lamb saag. I have had better butter chicken but this version was solid. I enjoyed the breads and the generous servings, relaxed setting and friendly service is a place that you wouldn’t hesitate for multiple visits. Great value and well priced.