Grill'd @ Shafto Lane - 11 April 2014


I entered the Grill’d Shafto Lane store with high expectations of that small bite I had of the Baa Baa Lamb burger. When it was served and I took my first bite I knew those expectations were met. A burger packed full of flavour and freshness, the sweet tomato relish sticks out immediately, but then the strong flavour of the cheese takes over with the soft avocado sticking to the cheese providing a creamy richness. The salad and herbed mayo add different flavours while the delicious wholemeal bun holding everything together is delicious. But the star of the burger is the lamb. A perfectly cooked and flavoursome patty, it just oozes flavour and I’d have to say lamb is far tastier than the beef variety. The burger hit the mark in all departments and I thoroughly enjoyed it. . . . → Read More: Grill’d @ Shafto Lane – 11 April 2014

Print Hall - 8 Apr 2014

Print Hall - Spiced Mead Baba

Unfortunately my lack of hunger prevented me from fully enjoying what Print Hall has to offer. However, in the dishes I chose I was happy to have what in the end were quite light meals but still carrying flavour. The cold served entree of yabbies and smoked mussels is a really refreshing dish that allows the freshness and flavours of the seafood to shine through without being overpowered by the fennel puree. It’s a very delicate dish that is well executed but could have contained more yabbies for my liking. The smaller main took preference over the larger meals in course 3 of the menu but I was more than happy with my choice of veal pastrami. Another dish with delicate flavours, allowing the braising of the veal to shine through and combining superbly with the slight sweetness of the pickled onions and the acidity of the pickling juices to lift what looks like a nothing dish to something special. I liked the re-invented amuse bouche of cheese and crackers and the palette cleanser was also interesting but maybe a little too complex. The dessert was interesting. I liked the light sponge baba and the passionfruit sorbet with crumble, but the foam contained an unusual flavour which spoiled the dish. Very professional service in an equally smart interior space to match where one can enjoy some very carefully crafted food. . . . → Read More: Print Hall – 8 Apr 2014

Eat Drink Perth – Twilight Hawkers Markets – 4 Apr 2014

Smokies - Pulled Pork Roll & Slaw

What: Twilight Hawkers Markets When: every Friday 5-9pm, 8 November 2013 till 24 April 2014 Where: Forrest Chase More Info:

As the afternoon wore on after my lunch at Public House Kitchen & Bar, I started to build up an appetite so a visit to the Twilight Hawkers Markets was . . . → Read More: Eat Drink Perth – Twilight Hawkers Markets – 4 Apr 2014

The Trustee - 21 Mar 2014

The Trustee - Bone Marrow, Shredded Brisket, Kumera Puree, Parsley Salad

The Trustee offers some deliciously crafted food in a refined but relaxed atmosphere. Their dishes are hearty and generous and offer a level of uniqueness and creativity. My entree of bone marrow is something I have not ordered on a menu but was pleasantly surprised with dish served to me. It presents well, offers various elements that compliment each other, and delivered on flavour. The brisket was moist, succulent, and so delicious. It partnered effectively with the slightly rich, but not sweet smooth kumera puree and the slightly sharp flavour of the parsley salad contrasted to the meaty flavours on offer. The soft slices of bread to mop up the juices and the lovely marrow made the dish a great start to the lunch. Following the near main sized entree was a generous plate of braised venison surrounded by ribbons of parpadelle pasta. The venison was soft, tender, and full of flavour. It’s juices had seeped into the dish to moisten and add flavour to the peas and the bitter rocket. The saltiness of the pecorina was a perfect addition to the dish but more would have strengthened the overall flavour of the dish. A very earthy dish that became a little intense towards the end of the meal and required another element, maybe acidic, to balance the strong flavours. Despite this, it was a delicious meal that contained bold flavours and delivered on taste. . . . → Read More: The Trustee – 21 Mar 2014

Eat Drink Perth – Twilight Hawkers Markets – 28 Feb 2014

Boss Hoss BBQ - Pulled Pork, Corn Bread, Potato Salad

I stumbled upon The Boss Hoss BBQ stall and was intrigued to see what they offered. Their menu presented 3 choices – ribs, brisket, and pulled pork. Whoo hoo pulled pork! I’m a real fan of pulled pork but have yet to come across a version that compares favourably to my travels in the US. The texture, spices, and flavours are important so for $10, with corn bread and a serve of potato salad (or coleslaw if you prefer), I thought why not. The ribs and brisket are other items I’d love to try from the US themed menu. I really enjoyed this snack which is quite filling, more something in between a snack and a meal. Now ribs or brisket next time around? . . . → Read More: Eat Drink Perth – Twilight Hawkers Markets – 28 Feb 2014

Tony Roma's - 21 Feb 2014

Tony Roma's - Pulled Pork Sandwich

I was really excited to see pulled pork on the menu so ordering the pulled pork sandwich was an easy choice. However, the sandwich wasn’t what I expected as the tender pulled pork had been covered with the same marinade reserved for the ribs. Masking the true flavour of the pulled pork, I didn’t get the real thing, however, the pulled pork sandwich was delicious. The pulled pork was plentiful, moist, succulent and with the sticky sweet sauce, so yum. I really loved the golden brown chips which required just a little more salt and the coleslaw, albeit a bit too sweet, was tasty too. A really generous and filling meal. . . . → Read More: Tony Roma’s – 21 Feb 2014

Chik and Kent - 11 Feb 2014

Chik And Kent - Goan Pork Curry

I’m glad I gave Chik and Kent a second go after the tasteless butter chicken experienced on my prior visit. The Goan pork curry for $20 represents excellent value when you consider it’s served with a salad, papadum, rice, and naan. The Goan curry carried plenty of flavour and authenticity, the unique mix of spice evident with each mouthful. The curry was enjoyed with the lovely loose grains of rice and the soft on top slightly crunchy on the bottom naan. The tangy balsamic dressing of the salad helps to round off what is a delicious meal offering variety and balance. A sample of India on a plate. . . . → Read More: Chik and Kent – 11 Feb 2014

The Butterworth Bar & Kitchen - 8 Feb 2014

Butterworth Bar & Kitchen - Oysters

After tasting a variety of what chef, Nick French, has to offer, I was impressed. The meals aren’t too extravagant, yet while the meals are kept relatively simple, they’re clean, are smartly paired with the appropriate elements on the plate, and the dish packs flavour. It’s this deception which hides the cleverness of the creations served in front of you, looking unassuming but waiting to surprise. The entree of chipotle ribs served up plenty of tender ribs covered in a sticky sauce that carried a bite leaving my lips zinging but with a flavour leaving you wanting more. The perfectly cooked lamb rump in that fantastic jus carrying an intense meaty flavour was just superb. There was plenty of jus to be enjoyed and it seeped into the greens adding so much flavour to every bite. The gnocchi presented a nice contrast to the meaty jus, and the cured lamb belly slipped totally under the radar, hidden underneath the rump, gnocchi and greens but tasty too. The dish is quite intense so the duck roasted potatoes were a welcome addition. I loved the crisp outer, encasing the soft fluffy potatoes. A big thumbs up. I really liked the creativity of the dessert, the firm but soft spearmint flavoured parfait providing a lovely refreshing feel to a night of dining. The light airy yoghurt cloud could easily be mistaken for cream, but the slight hint of sourness helps to balance the dish with the mint leaves providing a more noticeable flavour. The slightly sweet and tart strawberries help to balance all the other elements together and it’s such a lovely dessert but so filling. . . . → Read More: The Butterworth Bar & Kitchen – 8 Feb 2014

Chik and Kent - 7 Feb 2014

Chik And Kent - Butter Chicken

Chik and Kent is a small cafe specialising in coffee located inside Cinnamon Club City which is the restaurantI serving Indian fusion cuisine. Both are new having opened in late December 2013. I chose the butter chicken for $20 which came with a salad, papadum, rice, and naan. Unfortunately, the butter chicken was tasteless, lacking spice, tomato, sweetness and the typical flavour one expects of butter chicken. It was a real shame as there’s plenty of tender chicken and curry provided, but the curry is just creamy and rich, more on a western style sauce. Maybe that’s what they’re going for. The naan was delicious, a soft bread that pulled apart easily and had a lovely flavour from the ghee. There’s more than a generous serve of food and after polishing off the plate and using the naan to sop up any remaining curry, I was comfortably full. I’d like to come back and try one of their other curries to really see what their food is like. But if you’re after a really good butter chicken, I’d say steer clear based on my dining experience. . . . → Read More: Chik and Kent – 7 Feb 2014

1907 Restaurant - 31 Jan 2014

1907 Restaurant - Beef Tenderloin

I’m glad to have finally dined at 1907 Restaurant which is just a short stroll from our work. The old English styled interior presents a lovely soft setting to have a quiet meal and enjoy food and impeccable service. I really loved the entree and dessert in particular, but thought more could have been done with the mains. While they kept it simple and executed to perfection, I would have liked to see them push the envelope a bit more with the other elements. That said, the beef was cooked perfectly and the meal was solid without being spectacular, more on the safe side. The creamy and slightly rich and cheesy spinach soup was quite something on the other hand and paired superbly with the sweet juicy flesh of the yabbie. The dessert was delicious with the lovely strawberry flavours shining through in the different strawberry creations on the plate. The mousse cake in particular was superb with a delicious flavour, soft, light and airy texture. Faultless. . . . → Read More: 1907 Restaurant – 31 Jan 2014