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Gourmandise - Quiches

Gourmandise & Co – 7 Mar 2015

The first quiche I dived into was a bacon and cheese quiche which was delicious. Lovely buttery pastry that is just divine encasing a lovely rich filling. I’m glad I ordered the sharp salad which took the edge off the richness. I really enjoy quiche and this was excellent. I also had a few bites of the smoked salmon quiche which is even better. I’ll save that for breakfast tomorrow along with a few other pastries I picked up. The next day I warmed the quiche up and it was amazing! I really love the flavour of the smoked salmon which is just like chunks of softened salmon, but with a smoky flavour, well complimented by the creamy avocado. I liked this quiche the best and also enjoyed my other pastries.

Jade's - Pancakes with Bacon & Maple Syrup

Jades @ 14 Peels Place – 6 Mar 2015

Wow! What a serving. Three pancakes with heaps of bacon in a pool of maple syrup. The pancakes were delicious. Nice and soft and fluffy, you can’t ask any more from a pancake. The maple syrup adds just a touch of sweetness without being too sweet. There’s heaps of bacon on the plate which is filling. I personally like my bacon nice and crisp but while some bits are a little crunchy, others are moist. In Perth you would get two pancakes that aren’t as good and bacon is a rarity, maybe, two slender rashes. This dish is very generous. I should have got a tart juice to go along with this delicious dish. Excellent!

The Earl of Spencer - Taster Platter

The Earl Of Spencer Historic Inn – 5 Mar 2015

This place is open till late, and like a lot of Albany, has a colonial historic feel which adds to the character of the place. I rather fancied the Earl’s Taster Plate which offered variety and an intro to the local produce. It’s a very generous offering of all kinds of goodies which left me stuffed. I liked all elements offered from the pate, dips, cheeses, salad, cold meats and the lovely light toasted Turkish bread. Excellent value.