Tuck Shop Cafe - 18 Dec 2013

Tuck Shop Cafe - Lamb, Rosemary & Vegetable Pie with Mushy Peas

Well after finally visiting the popular Tuck Shop Cafe, I had a pie and chips. Ok, sounds pedestrian, but our table munched on 2 bowls of yummy chips with delicious aioli while we waited 30 minutes for the freshly made pies to cook in the oven. The delay is courtesy of the popularity of the restaurant causing a delay on lunch from the breakfast session. The menu comprises strongly of brunch items pairing egg with some interesting concoctions. The lunch specialty is their pies so I ate a beef, bacon and cheese pie which appeared small at first but proved to be deceptively filling and well packed. At just $12.50, one can enjoy a delicious pie full of flavour, lots of tender beef in a lovely gravy, gooey cheese, salt kick from the bacon, encased in a flaky pastry. A solid offering, I might have to order a brunch item and forgo the egg just to see what their brunch creations are like. I rather did fancy the baked beans with smoked ham hock. . . . → Read More: Tuck Shop Cafe – 18 Dec 2013

Cheeky Sparrow - 15 Nov 2013

Cheeky Sparrow - Breakfast Tart

Ok, this place isn’t a fully fledged restaurant or anything like that. It’s specialty is as a wine bar at night. During the day, however, there are a number of light meals to choose from (provided they haven’t gone) like sandwiches, wraps, tarts, and pizzas. They also make fresh juices and serve a range of coffee. This isn’t a foodie paradise but the breakky tart with chorizo and spinach was delicious. I would have preferred some dressing to go with the pile of plain baby spinach, but the flavour of the tart, bar the poached egg, was delicious. This is a really nice chilled place to come for a quick coffee catch up or a casual cheap lunch with friends. . . . → Read More: Cheeky Sparrow – 15 Nov 2013

NYC Pizza - 25 Oct 2013

NYC Pizza - Broadway Vegetarian

Like the pizzas I ate in America, NYC Pizza is an excellent representation – big, bold, generous in size and flavour. You will notice the names of each pizza variety take their name from New York City – Brooklyn, Broadway, Soho, Union Square, Central Park, Manhattan, Grand Central, Wall Street etc – it’s a who’s who of typical places in New York, many of which I visited. The combination of ingredients are a little adventurous as I have never seen pumpkin on a pizza but they pulled it off with supreme confidence pairing it up with feta and semi dried tomatoes in the Broadway Vegetarian variety. The Bronx BBQ Chicken and Bacon is typically American with the distinctive taste of BBQ sauce pairing well with chunks of flavoured chicken and salty bacon. So delicious, the huge slices, thin crispy base, flavour combinations, and lunch time specials make it all the more appealing to come down and enjoy pizza by the slice for lunch. They also do catering so if you like their pizzas, then grab them whole. They also sell breakfast and what is typically New York? Bagels. . . . → Read More: NYC Pizza – 25 Oct 2013

The Cutting Board Eathouse - 21 Oct 13

The Cutting Board Eat House - Southern Fried Chicken Burger

Cuisine: American Location: Northbridge, Pier St (not far from McIver Train Station)

After my last visit to The Cutting Board Eathouse where I spied more American fare in the form of southern fried chicken, I had to return to try it out. Another lovely sunny day presented itself which made it perfect to . . . → Read More: The Cutting Board Eathouse – 21 Oct 13

The Cutting Board Eathouse - 14 Oct 13

The Cutting Board Eat House - New York Cheeseburger

After my first visit I had to come back to try the New York double pattie cheeseburger and it didn’t disappoint. Perfectly cooked beef patties, well seasoned, great flavour and I love the cheddar slices. The burger holds well together and is not messy but just tasty. I love the bun and the mayo was lovely. I’m really enjoying the menu offerings and have to come back for some more delicious dishes served by friendly people in a lovely setting. To boot, the menu offerings are reasonably priced and offer excellent value. . . . → Read More: The Cutting Board Eathouse – 14 Oct 13

The Cutting Board Eathouse - 8 Oct 13

The Cutting Board - Pulled Pork, Gravy & Chips

I was really happy to try the slow cooked pulled pork roll, a reminder of my recent travels to the US. This roll was excellent but the only thing missing was the flavour. I had a few versions of pulled pork on my travels around the US and it either carries a very smoky imparted flavour, or is cooked in mild sweet spices to give that flavour kick. If they add that in to the meat, they’re on to a winner. The meat is perfectly cooked, soft, tender, succulent, juicy. This is the way pulled pork should be. There’s a more than generous amount piled into the large roll and with chips and gravy, makes for an excellent meal at just $13. I’ve got to come back and try some of the other items. . . . → Read More: The Cutting Board Eathouse – 8 Oct 13

Golden Century Seafood Chinese - 6 Sep 2013

Well I was impressed with the range of dishes that I saw and of those that I tasted. The quality, taste, and flavours were delicious and amongst our table, it worked out to a ridiculous $15 per head! I ate plenty and was comfortable full and hardly shelled out any money. Such great value, this is another gem and a contender against the other dim sim establishments for the best dim sim out there. I wouldn’t hesitate in coming back here again. . . . → Read More: Golden Century Seafood Chinese – 6 Sep 2013

Churros Plus - 27 Aug 2013

Churros Plus - Display Cabinet

Churros Plus – Display Cabinet

Cuisine: Dessert Location: Perth CBD, cnr Murray & Barrack St

After my lunch at Cafe Karache I still felt a bit peckish and walked past Churros Plus. I decided to give them another go despite my first experiencing yielding chewy churros with little chocolate sauce. This time, . . . → Read More: Churros Plus – 27 Aug 2013

Cafe Karache - 27 Aug 2013

Cafe Karache -Lamb Biriyani & Curry Puff

Cafe Karache is a simple restaurant with a modest setting but obviously has a following judging by the patrons stopping by. There’s a range of curries to choose from and the menu ranges from Indian / Pakistani to Asian / Malay. enjoyed my lamb biriyani and the curry puff was pretty good. It’s not the most authentic biriyani I’ve had but it’s a very good verison. The meals are cheap, the servings decent, and the food enjoyable. If you’re after a cheap meal that still delivers on taste you can’t go too wrong with a visit here. Cash only. . . . → Read More: Cafe Karache – 27 Aug 2013

La Cholita - 23 Aug 2013

La Cholita - Beef Cheek Taco

First time to La Cholita and the $15 all you can eat tacos deal is a sure winner. There are 7 taco varieties but you don’t get any choice, the kitchen picks one variety and then proceeds to serve the other 6 in no particular order, before repeating till you can’t eat any more. They kitchen was quick on the trigger with the tacos rolling out as quick as we could eat them. Once a few other patrons entered, things started to slow down, or maybe it was the pace at which we were eating the tacos slowed down as we got more and more full! The experience was a bit of a blur as we just kept eating but it was still at a comfortable pace. The tacos are small and can be eaten in a few bites, but they are sufficiently filled, don’t skimp on meat, have nice sauces but could be a little more intense, and the service is efficient. The tacos themselves are quite bland and act more as a vehicle for transporting the creations out of the kitchen. The condiments can help liven up the dishes but I would have preferred the flavour intensity of the tacos to be a lot stronger to compensate for the blandness of the tacos. Having said that, the beef tongue taco with that delicious Ranchero sauce was an absolute standout! If they can execute each taco variety like the flavours of this taco, they’ll be on to a winner. The prawn and pumpkin taco varieties were also really good too. Not sure how long this special offer is going so head down and see what you’re missing. . . . → Read More: La Cholita – 23 Aug 2013