V Burger Bar - 28 Mar 2015

V Burger Bar - Chicken Remoulade & Onion Rings

I stopped in to the East Vic Park store to try an item from the new summer range. I opted for the chicken remoulade and also got a side of onion rings. The onion is well cooked and covered in a golden brown crunchy batter that stays crunchy right to the end. The chicken remoulade burger has a lovely flavoursome chicken patty with the coriander flavour coming through. It just needed a touch of seasoning. The exterior carries a lovely crunch. I really like the slightly sweet Turkish buns, and the tasty remoulade and aioli tie the salad together to produce a tasty burger. I’m stuffed. . . . → Read More: V Burger Bar – 28 Mar 2015

Cocina Bandito - 26 Mar 2015

Cocina Bandito - The Full Castro

The menu offers a small selection of dishes but you can get a cut down version all three mains for just $20 with corn chips, salsa, and guacamole. I really liked the variety and taste all three dishes offered. The toasted bread roll with mustard, Monterey Jack cheese and tender beef brisket is comfort food. The lettuce cups with spiced rice and salsa offers up refreshing flavours. The tender pork belly with black rice and black eyed peas was excellent too, especially with the orange and star anise sauce. I also got some dessert, the infinity donuts, which were a bit firm but tasty in the Havana club syrup. . . . → Read More: Cocina Bandito – 26 Mar 2015

Shiro Izakaya - 20 Mar 2015

Shiro - Chicken Katsu Set with Tempura

Since I first visited, Shiro have revamped the lunch set to offer a bit less for a cheaper price. The prior lunch set used to be like a mini three course meal which left you stuffed. I think these lunch time sets are more accessible and suited to people’s appetites and budgets. For the price, they’re great value, offer variety, choice, and quality. I really liked the delicious katsu sauce which significantly livened up the plain steamed rice. Along with the crunchy crumbed succulent chicken, the light crispy batter of the tempura, the soothing miso soup, and the refreshing garden salad and dressing, it made for a delicious meal. . . . → Read More: Shiro Izakaya – 20 Mar 2015

The Generous Squire - 19 Mar 2015

The Generous Squire - Lamb Ribs with Chipotle Barbecue Sauce

I did use the Entertainment Book to get a discount but for 3 dishes at a full price of $46, or $23 each, it’s pretty good value considering we got variety and some tasty food. I really liked the vegetable tart which had a lovely well balanced filling between the pumpkin and blue cheese. The slow cooked beef brisket was tender within the sliders though needed a bit of a boost in flavour and the tomato sauce helped moisten things up. The onion rings contained a lovely crunchy crisp light batter and were delicious. The lamb ribs were very tender and tasty and didn’t require the chipotle barbecue sauce. Lovely all round meal. . . . → Read More: The Generous Squire – 19 Mar 2015

Next Door @ No 4 Blake Street - 15 Mar 2015

Next Door At No 4 Blake Street - Beef Intercostal, Burnt Cauliflower, Parsley

No 4 Blake Street still presents fine cuisine at it’s restaurant, but has transformed a part of the restaurant into a casual wine bar with share plates of varying sizes called Next Door @ No 4. I went for this and there’s a feed me option (“Trust The Chef” at $50pp) where the chef selects bread, a couple of snacks, 2 of the smaller dishes, 3 of the larger dishes, and a dessert. This is a great option so you don’t have to worry about making the tough decisions. We received a nice variety of dishes which left us satisfied and comfortably full. The highlights for me were the crispy potato skins, duck and taleggio croquettes with hazelnut marmalade, and the beef intercostal. Casual, variety, taste, easy. A great option though a little pricey. . . . → Read More: Next Door @ No 4 Blake Street – 15 Mar 2015

Bushfood Factory and Cafe - 6 Mar 2015

Bushfood Cafe - Gourmet Native Platter

The Bushfood Cafe seems a hidden gem. What a way to be able to enjoy food using native Australian ingredients which are prepared in a variety of dishes. The gourmet native platter gives this variety and is excellent value considering the many items on the platter, the quality, and taste. The store has lots of different things to try out so don’t be shy, pick up some spices and give it a go. Oh, and grab some of their delicious food as well. Fantastic! . . . → Read More: Bushfood Factory and Cafe – 6 Mar 2015

Jades @ 14 Peels Place - 6 Mar 2015

Jade's - Pancakes with Bacon & Maple Syrup

Wow! What a serving. Three pancakes with heaps of bacon in a pool of maple syrup. The pancakes were delicious. Nice and soft and fluffy, you can’t ask any more from a pancake. The maple syrup adds just a touch of sweetness without being too sweet. There’s heaps of bacon on the plate which is filling. I personally like my bacon nice and crisp but while some bits are a little crunchy, others are moist. In Perth you would get two pancakes that aren’t as good and bacon is a rarity, maybe, two slender rashes. This dish is very generous. I should have got a tart juice to go along with this delicious dish. Excellent! . . . → Read More: Jades @ 14 Peels Place – 6 Mar 2015

The Earl Of Spencer Historic Inn - 5 Mar 2015

The Earl of Spencer - Taster Platter

This place is open till late, and like a lot of Albany, has a colonial historic feel which adds to the character of the place. I rather fancied the Earl’s Taster Plate which offered variety and an intro to the local produce. It’s a very generous offering of all kinds of goodies which left me stuffed. I liked all elements offered from the pate, dips, cheeses, salad, cold meats and the lovely light toasted Turkish bread. Excellent value. . . . → Read More: The Earl Of Spencer Historic Inn – 5 Mar 2015

Thurlby Herb Farm Cafe - 5 Mar 2015

Thurlby Herb Farm - Lamb Patties

The menu description is a little misleading as the dish is more like a burger. The lamb patties are served on a thin crispy Turkish roll which is soft on the inside and has a firm crispness on the outside. The Turkish roll is delicious and like most of the ingredients, they’re made on the farm. The lamb patties are nice and moist and flavoursome. You can detect the pomegranate flavour in the mixture which is lovely. The patties carry a lovely lamb flavour and pairs will with the beetroot. A lovely fresh salad is also included. With most ingredients from the farm and others locally, you can really taste the freshness. It’s nice and crisp and you will not taste anything like this in Perth. . . . → Read More: Thurlby Herb Farm Cafe – 5 Mar 2015

Sadies Restaurant - 4 Mar 2015

Sadies Restaurant - Cheesecake

While the accommodation at Gloucester Motel may not be 5 star, the restaurant serves up delicious food to an excellent standard. The smart setting and quiet ambiance makes this a perfect restaurant for any occasion, a romantic dinner, quiet dinner with friends, or business meeting. The soft fluffy pillows of gnocchi is delicious and very generous. This is paired with strips of beef steak immersed in a creamy rich mushroom sauce. For dessert, the cheesecake in a citrus sauce with tartness from the strawberry coulis was hard to go past. A delicious, high quality meal, that is superb value. . . . → Read More: Sadies Restaurant – 4 Mar 2015