Monterey's - 19 Jul 2012

The coupon offering a $50 buffet at $30 only is a bargain. While the buffet range was massively reduced, it still offered good value. However, come tasting time, I was very disappointed with the average tasting meals at best. I can’t really say there were any highlights and were quick to leave. The food wasn’t horrible, but it was average. I’d prefer to have ordered a meal at another restaurant instead. I’m not sure what has happened, but the standard has really fallen to an all time low. Your money is best spent elsewhere. . . . → Read More: Monterey’s – 19 Jul 2012

Reveleys - 9 Mar 2010

Cuisine: Modern Australian, Pub Food Location: Perth CBD

Given we had a little bit left over in our team budget and with the help of a voucher out of the entertainment book one of our team members had, the choice for our team lunch was Reveleys. This was one of the . . . → Read More: Reveleys – 9 Mar 2010

Organica Cafe

Organica Cafe in Shafto Lane was a real disappointment in my view. . . . → Read More: Organica Cafe

Reveleys - 24 Sep 2007

Reveleys offered some OK meals but nothing really wonderful. . . . → Read More: Reveleys – 24 Sep 2007