Churros Plus - 22 Aug 2013

Churros Plus - Drizzled Churros

It’s great trying new things and I was excited to see a churros offering in the heart of the Perth CBD. Unfortunately they don’t deliver on taste as the churros was chewy and lacked sufficient chocolate sauce. In comparison to Chocolateria San Churro like the one I’ve eaten at in Northbridge, Chocolateria San Churro wins hands down, there is no comparison. Hopefully Churros Plus can lift their game because if it’s as good as what it should be, people will be flocking there given the foot traffic. . . . → Read More: Churros Plus – 22 Aug 2013

Bistro Felix - 18 Dec 2012

Bistro Felix - Bitter Chocolate Cake

Walking into the neat and carefully presented restaurant with dim lighting creates a lovely atmosphere to enjoy a quiet dinner. The service was professional, efficient and excellent. On the food front, however, it disappointed. While the meals are expensive, the 2 or 3 course options are good value. My duck was enjoyable with the sweet and acidic flavour of the cabbage, but when the side of creamy soft mash with delicious seasoning of herbs steals the show from the star of the dish, you know they haven’t executed the dish as well as intended. It was a very underwhelming dish lacking any punch with the exception of the potato. I didn’t detect any pancetta or oxtail unless I missed it. I liked the cabbage but it’s sweetness became a bit intense towards the end of the meal. The small bite of my friend’s steak was disappointing – lacking flavour, seasoning, taste and was chewy. One expects better from a fine dining type establishment. On the dessert front, the small taste I had of the white chocolate and ginger cheesecake was heaven! Stunning dessert with excellent texture, melt in your mouth goodness and flavour. My bitter chocolate cake possessed a strong and intense denseness and brooding dark chocolate flavour. It’s a great way to finish off a meal but a smaller quantity is required for the strong in your face flavour. It becomes a struggle to finish off. All in all a lovely night, but a disappointing dinner which drained the hip pocket including the surcharge on the credit card. Not the best representation of French cuisine. . . . → Read More: Bistro Felix – 18 Dec 2012

The Merrywell @ Crown Perth - 22 Nov 2012

The Merrywell - Fried Chicken & Red Velvet Waffles

As a bar and while I’m not a drinker, I think the venue is excellent to catch up with friends over a few drinks. The food is not horrible but while trying to be quirky, it has lost direction. The fusion of flavours from different cuisines or different flavours did not come off as a master chef dish. Rather, it was an epic fail. I would loved to have had southern fried chicken or some version far closer to American roots without being like a fast food chain version. Same too for the ribs. I wouldn’t come here again. This is the most overhyped place. It’s a bar and it’s good at that but it will not be known for it’s food. Supposed dude food, yes some quirky dishes, more style than substance and overpriced. Go out on to the casino floor and you can order and pay for a drink and have it brought to you. Go into The Merrywell, and you have to go the bar and get it yourself, then line up at the entrance to place and pay for your food order. Something is not right here. I thought some of the dishes are overpriced for the quantity served. Even the restaurants in Perth’s CBD have prices that look better. I guess what they say is true about a casino, “the house always wins” – whether dining or betting. . . . → Read More: The Merrywell @ Crown Perth – 22 Nov 2012

Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar - 29 Oct 2012

Crust - Heirloom Tomato Upper Crust

If I hadn’t visited Crust before at Brookfield Place, after eating the pizza’s from the Vic Park store, I wouldn’t be back in a hurry. There was a major difference in quality. The pizzas at Brookfield are fresh and tasty, but those at Vic Park, albeit eaten 20 minutes later, were a little stale and a little disappointing. The limp rocket typified the experience. Maybe it’s the store. Still, I’m grateful for the invitation and I hope they keep the Heirloom Tomato Upper Crust pizza on the menu though it could do with more tomatoes. That had great flavour and the burst of moistness from the juicy tomatoes were a delight. . . . → Read More: Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar – 29 Oct 2012

The Merrywell @ Crown Perth - 28 Oct 2012

The Merrywell - Angus Beef Burger & Fries

The Merrywell is a nice relaxed setting to enjoy a meal with modern funky music playing in the foreground (if it were softer I’d say background, yes, it’s a bit too loud!). It was quiet early on but it filled up. The shoestring fries were delicious but upstaged by the secret sauce. Very unique and I loved it! Yes it’s just sauce but what a difference it made. So too the sauce in the burger. Nice hit of chilli, lovely soft bun, intense meaty flavour provided by the angus beef, plus gooey melted cheese with the other ingredients combined well. Quite pricey at $24 though. Not worth it to my mind. . . . → Read More: The Merrywell @ Crown Perth – 28 Oct 2012

Il Padrino Pizzeria & Restaurant - 11 May 2012

All in all, we had a good night out. The pizzas were pretty good but didn’t blow me away. Especially given the owner has won a world’s best pizza maker award. The base was lovely and light and the pizza’s weren’t over packed with too many ingredients. Instead, the ingredients were allowed to shine. I particularly enjoyed the olives marinated in chilli, chilli oil, the Papa Benedictine 16th, and the marinara pizza. The Papa Benedictine 16th was an absolute standout. . . . → Read More: Il Padrino Pizzeria & Restaurant – 11 May 2012

Rigby's Bar & Bistro - 24 Feb 2012

I had a seafood platter on my last visit which was enjoyable so I thought I’d try something that would allow Rigby’s to show what kind of food they can put up by trying the lamb shank. Lovely tender meat with a delicious gravy but the intenseness of the red wine detracted from the flavour and the garlic mash seemed unusual in texture and a bit different in taste. I was still hungry after finishing me meal even though I wasn’t that hungry before starting so another lamb shank and/or more mash would be desirable. . . . → Read More: Rigby’s Bar & Bistro – 24 Feb 2012

Chocolateria San Churro Northbridge - 15 Feb 2012

Picture of churros - Spanish donuts dusted with icing and served with rich, thick, chocolate sauce

Lovely Spanish doughnuts, although, tasted a bit different to what I remember them. Nonetheless, they went down nicely with all the delicious chocolate sauce. A bit pricey at $7.95 though, is the perfect serving size. A chocolate lover’s dream! Just watch out that you don’t spill any chocolate sauce over yourself. . . . → Read More: Chocolateria San Churro Northbridge – 15 Feb 2012

Tom's Kitchen - 23 Jan 2012

I enjoyed my rabbit linguine and was more than satisfied and full. The linguine was soft and smothered in a lovely rich, creamy, moist sauce. The rabbit was lovely but needed a bit more salt. An ideal setting for a breezy afternoon lunch. Better than a cafe but with quality akin to a fine dining restaurant. . . . → Read More: Tom’s Kitchen – 23 Jan 2012

Secret Garden - 21 Dec 2011

Enjoyed dining outside in the undercover and enclosed garden. My burrito was good but could have been more flavoursome with stronger level of spices required. The salad and salsa were lovely though. I was more than full with the affogato and my meal. . . . → Read More: Secret Garden – 21 Dec 2011