Print Hall - 8 Apr 2014

Print Hall - Spiced Mead Baba

Unfortunately my lack of hunger prevented me from fully enjoying what Print Hall has to offer. However, in the dishes I chose I was happy to have what in the end were quite light meals but still carrying flavour. The cold served entree of yabbies and smoked mussels is a really refreshing dish that allows the freshness and flavours of the seafood to shine through without being overpowered by the fennel puree. It’s a very delicate dish that is well executed but could have contained more yabbies for my liking. The smaller main took preference over the larger meals in course 3 of the menu but I was more than happy with my choice of veal pastrami. Another dish with delicate flavours, allowing the braising of the veal to shine through and combining superbly with the slight sweetness of the pickled onions and the acidity of the pickling juices to lift what looks like a nothing dish to something special. I liked the re-invented amuse bouche of cheese and crackers and the palette cleanser was also interesting but maybe a little too complex. The dessert was interesting. I liked the light sponge baba and the passionfruit sorbet with crumble, but the foam contained an unusual flavour which spoiled the dish. Very professional service in an equally smart interior space to match where one can enjoy some very carefully crafted food. . . . → Read More: Print Hall – 8 Apr 2014

Tony Roma's - 21 Feb 2014

Tony Roma's - Pulled Pork Sandwich

I was really excited to see pulled pork on the menu so ordering the pulled pork sandwich was an easy choice. However, the sandwich wasn’t what I expected as the tender pulled pork had been covered with the same marinade reserved for the ribs. Masking the true flavour of the pulled pork, I didn’t get the real thing, however, the pulled pork sandwich was delicious. The pulled pork was plentiful, moist, succulent and with the sticky sweet sauce, so yum. I really loved the golden brown chips which required just a little more salt and the coleslaw, albeit a bit too sweet, was tasty too. A really generous and filling meal. . . . → Read More: Tony Roma’s – 21 Feb 2014

Chik and Kent - 7 Feb 2014

Chik And Kent - Butter Chicken

Chik and Kent is a small cafe specialising in coffee located inside Cinnamon Club City which is the restaurantI serving Indian fusion cuisine. Both are new having opened in late December 2013. I chose the butter chicken for $20 which came with a salad, papadum, rice, and naan. Unfortunately, the butter chicken was tasteless, lacking spice, tomato, sweetness and the typical flavour one expects of butter chicken. It was a real shame as there’s plenty of tender chicken and curry provided, but the curry is just creamy and rich, more on a western style sauce. Maybe that’s what they’re going for. The naan was delicious, a soft bread that pulled apart easily and had a lovely flavour from the ghee. There’s more than a generous serve of food and after polishing off the plate and using the naan to sop up any remaining curry, I was comfortably full. I’d like to come back and try one of their other curries to really see what their food is like. But if you’re after a really good butter chicken, I’d say steer clear based on my dining experience. . . . → Read More: Chik and Kent – 7 Feb 2014

Casa Del Amici - 29 Oct 2013

Casa Del Amici - Supremo Pizza

One is always going to compare restaurants and if I compared Cafe Nocello to Casa Del Amici, Cafe Nocello wins hands down across all dishes which I’ve eaten at both restaurants. Having said that, Casa Del Amici isn’t horrible by any stretch but I believe if you want Italian food in a relaxed environment, then Cafe Nocello is a more worthy choice. Casa Del Amici presents a warm friendly atmosphere and I liked the fried bocconcini balls and the chilli jam to start off with. The pink snapper fish limoncello was cooked perfectly, soft, tender and moist but I would have loved some more of that delicious butter sauce, and please, please add dressing to a salad because it is very dry and tasteless and gives salad a bad wrap. The tortellini was delicious but a little dry at times but the odd portions of pancetta infused fat added some lovely flavours to the dish. The pizza was a little disappointing to my mind. The base and flavour of the pizza was lacking compared to what a pizza can deliver. The small taste of tiramisu was excellent but the profiteroles were too firm and crunchy instead of being soft and moist. The light custard and gooey warm chocolate sauce only just saved the dish. It’s a lovely venue, obviously very popular, just a few small tweaks and the quality of the food can rise to a level worthy of honouring Italian cuisine in all it’s greatness. They’re not too far off the mark. . . . → Read More: Casa Del Amici – 29 Oct 2013

Churros Plus - 27 Aug 2013

Churros Plus - Display Cabinet

Churros Plus – Display Cabinet

Cuisine: Dessert Location: Perth CBD, cnr Murray & Barrack St

After my lunch at Cafe Karache I still felt a bit peckish and walked past Churros Plus. I decided to give them another go despite my first experiencing yielding chewy churros with little chocolate sauce. This time, . . . → Read More: Churros Plus – 27 Aug 2013

UK, London - The Mudlark London Bridge

The Mudlark - Ploughman's Platter

What better way to sample some of London by making a stop to a pub and grabbing a traditional meal – the ploughman’s platter. The dish comes with lots of variety of things typically English. The pork pie was lovely, a suet made pastry filled with a nice blend of pork and fat to produce this delicious pie. The different cheeses on offer were enjoyed with some charred bread, tangy pickled onions, sweet onion jam, and a salad. It’s quite a meal and really fills you up. I couldn’t eat all that cheese unfortunately but it’s a simple hardy meal that would have offered some real fuel and sustenance for the ploughman to get through the rest of the day. Certainly fuelled me for the rest of my travels through London. . . . → Read More: UK, London – The Mudlark @ London Bridge

Italy, Rome - Da Armando al Pantheon

Cuisine: Italian Location: Italy, Rome – close to Pantheon

For my first night in Rome I chose a restaurant reasonably close by that serves the local Roman cuisine – Da Armando al Pantheon. It’s to the right of the Pantheon so if you’re having trouble finding this place, just stand in front of . . . → Read More: Italy, Rome – Da Armando al Pantheon

Bouchon Bistro - 8 May 2013

Bouchon Bistro - Strawberry Mousse

Bouchon Bistro would have to be the best French restaurant in Perth my friend and I have visited thus far. We found the dishes to be solid without being spectacular and held their own in terms of flavour. Unlike other French restaurants we’ve visited, the dessert hasn’t been the only highlight. I loved the pre-starter beef neck which was ultra tender, the pork terrine was a first time experience but I loved the parsley and mustard “cake”, the tender juicy moist spatchcock breast was delicious, the potato gratin was also tasty, and that delicious array of desserts on one plate to finish to the meal was superb. Having said that, the French bistro L’Angelus in Singapore I’ve visited on both trips there blow Bouchon Bistro out of the water. There is quite a difference to what I ate their and at Bouchon. In terms of price, Bouchon is very pricey and only due to the Dimmi 50% off the food bill did it make the dinner a bargain. L’Angelus would have charged similar prices when converted into Aussie dollars but quality wise, was worth every cent. . . . → Read More: Bouchon Bistro – 8 May 2013

Jesters - 6 May 2013

While I didn’t try Jesters pastries, I loved the Footy pie but the Pavarotti wasn’t that great. The Footy pie was delicious with an excellent balance of tender chunks of meat, saltiness from the bacon, that lovely thick gravy, and the strong cheesy flavour hiding under the pastry lid. The Pavarotti had lovely tender pieces of chicken, but the Carbonara sauce wasn’t what I expected and let the pie’s contents down. The William Tell dessert pie promised so much but left you wanting. The flavour combination is there but the lack of sweetness in the custard let this dessert pie down and could have been a star. Still, if the other savoury pies are along the lines of the Footy, this is a great place to grab a pie for lunch. . . . → Read More: Jesters – 6 May 2013

Miss Kitty's Saloon - 30 Apr 2013


I really like the vibe and atmosphere of the venue. In keeping with the theme of what the restaurant represents, I think they’ve done a really good job of differentiating themselves. The food itself, carries on in the same vein but wasn’t spectacular but better than average – solid. The suckling pig was the highlight of the dinner, and I really loved the Poutine and pig’s head nuggets of the prawn cocktail. The ribs were also tasty and so too the pecan tart. The hot dog was pretty standard. I’d say the dishes are a little on the pricy side as a total bill but we were pretty stuffed with all that food and appreciated something new and different. The waitstaff were very friendly and provided excellent service throughout the night. As the night wore on, the venue filled up fast. Hopefully there are more American style restaurants to call Perth home. . . . → Read More: Miss Kitty’s Saloon – 30 Apr 2013